It’s important to do business with companies that believe in doing the right thing by their customers. Unlimited Internet was born on the North Shore of Auckland in 2015 off the back off a 10 year old business-only Datacentre & ISP, HD. Since then Unlimited Internet has been providing our customers uninterrupted Internet service coupled with best possible value for unlimited broadband services.
Our New Zealand owned & operated infrastructure and external partner relationships allow us to strip back any unnecessary costs and we take away the day-to-day hassles that you often get dealing with a large, impersonal ISP.

Do Whatever!

Stream, upload, surf, mail, compress, decompress, post, edit, create, drop, browse, encrypt your bits and gigabits with New Zealand’s most efficient and pleasant ISP.

Speedy Bandwidth

Peering with the likes of Netflix, Akamai, Apple, Amazon, Chinacache, Cloudflare, Dropbox, Facebook, Google, Limelight, Microsoft – thus improving your broadband experience.

Highly Qualified Support

Our highly qualified customer support team, are capable, pleasant and most importantly based in New Zealand.

Fighting For Kiwis!

With the cheapest Unlimited Broadband prices in the NZ market, no contracts, and high-quality service, Unlimited Internet is the sustainable alternative to the more entrenched, bureaucratic ISP’s.

Ben Simpson is proudly Kiwi, and therefore likes to keep all of his talent, products and services local.

“We’re giving New Zealand Broadband users what they ask for, which is all the data they can use, at good speeds and none of the hidden costs or gotchas that most other ISPs try and tack onto their services.”

An entrepreneur in the truest sense, Ben has poured his 17 years of industry knowledge and experience into the creation of Unlimited Internet.

All call centres are located in New Zealand, one in Auckland another in Palmerston North, ensuring our services are consistently of the highest quality.

“Sadly, unreliable network performance is something many New Zealand businesses and home users have begun to expect from their providers. Our goal is to change that expectation and to set the bar higher.


At the end of the day we’re not Spark or Vodafone, and we obviously can’t compete with them on a marketing level,” he adds.

Unlimited Internet is a business that is focused on providing cheap unlimited and quality broadband to the residential & small business market. It understands that customers want a service that they can rely on. In order to achieve this, they have taken extensive measures to ensure that all of its products and services not only meet the clients’ requirements but also have the redundancy and scalability to consistently exceed them.

” I’m hopeful that users will appreciate our honesty and our commitment to providing them the best value, and we look forward to signing up lots of happy customers in the future.”

Internet guy, T Bird, a struggling ‘internet’ comedian juggles a full time job at Unlimited Internet. His pudgy persona in a blue lycra bodysuit and outrageous ideas often has the boss fuming but she usually agrees that he’s onto something. This series is a glimpse into the world of Unlimited Internet and brings some much-needed banter into a boring industry.

T Bird, the Internet guy, reveals the story of his life – his work at Unlimited Internet and the boss. His second life as a stand-up internet comedian too has its ups and downs. He thinks he’s in league with Spiderman, Batman and other lycra-sporting superheros. His boss, however, has different ideas. The relationship between the two unfold in this interesting episode.

T Bird makes a new connection – Internet girl. A wanna be starlet, she’s on the gorgeous side but prone to histrionics. All hell breaks loose when Phoebe (aka Fibre) shows up at the Unlimited Internet office as Bird’s assistant. But in the end, the connection is restored when she emerges as Internet Girl thanks to Bird’s wacky marketing idea.