Add a VOIP Phone Service for just $7/month

You have the option to add a VOIP service to any of our plans (ADSL, VDSL & UFB), for just $7 a month extra. Unlike a traditional homeline, this phone service runs through your Internet connection.

Please note: You must have an ATA supported router, with a telephone port, for this service to work.
Please contact our helpdesk if you are unsure and we will confirm if your modem supports VOIP.

This service includes 100 national minutes per month, plus very affordable toll rates.
Customers can either choose to keep their existing phone number or pick a new NZ number.

For more information you can check out VOIP FAQs and VOIP charges

International Toll Rates

Please enter the number in the format “00ccX” where “cc” is the country code and “X” is the phone number.
For example an Australian landline number would look like 00617

Both Phone Services Offer Added Features

Caller ID



$ 2.50 /month